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  • How to Use The Facebook Audience Network

    How to Use The Facebook Audience Network

    Recently I had a conversation with a Facebook marketing expert in which we discussed the “Facebook Audience Network.” If you’re now scratching your head asking, “the Facebook what network?” then you’re in good company. While I had been aware of it since its launch, many people have never used this rather well hidden feature within […]
  • 12-Step “Relevancy” Email Marketing Automation

    12-Step “Relevancy” Email Marketing Automation

    Email marketing is the most misunderstood, under-utilized and “botched” part of online marketing. I remember the first time that I sent a mass-email, it was to ALMOST 90 people. I was expecting a flood of replies. Well, you can guess what happened. (Hint: no one responded). Email marketing is powerful. It allows us to build a […]
  • 5 Reasons Your Online Marketing Isn’t Working

    5 Reasons Your Online Marketing Isn’t Working

    “Scott, this online marketing thing isn’t working for me.” If I had a dollar for every person that emailed me and told me that their online marketing funnels aren’t working, I’d certainly be on some exotic beach. We know that online marketing works, but it seems like there are so many secrets and hacks. You […]