We help high-impact entrepreneurs go from the best kept secret to the most relevant choice in their industry.


To help high-impact 6 figure entrepreneurs permanently solve their lead generation problem by implementing the strategy of Relevancy, Omnipresence, and Intimacy.


To mentor 224 entrepreneurs into being the most relevant choice in their market so they can generate leads and sales without feeling salesy or pushy, and scale their businesses to 7-figures and create the impact they want.


Our mission is to spread the message of Relevancy, Omnipresence and Intimacy so more entrepreneurs can create better, more relevant marketing experiences for their ideals clients.


We believe in honesty, authenticity, and being real for your audience. We don’t believe in selling information, but rather in providing the mentorship and guidance from successful entrepreneurs so you can have your big breakthrough.

How We Help

Over the course of our 90-day program, we help entrepreneurs making over $20k/month become the most relevant choice in their niche by combining the power of strong brand awareness and frequency with relevant direct response marketing that wins the sale.


Scott Oldford
From 2013 to 2017, I crawled my way out of roughly $726,000 in debt to building a million dollar business with my lead generation training company, LeadCraft. But then, in September 2017, I blew it up because I realized I wasn’t truly serving the needs of my audience. For many people, that may have signaled the end of their entrepreneurial passions. But for me, I wanted to create an impact that mattered. I realized that my previous business had only solved half of the puzzle for entrepreneurs: I taught lead generation but not how to create unbreakable bonds with your audience through the power of simply showing up on their newsfeed and inbox all the time. Now, I’ve formulated my success into the strategy of Relevancy+Omnipresence. Now, I teach entrepreneurs how to become the most relevant name in their niche, to go from the best kept secret to the biggest name in the eyes of their audience.
I’m the Chief of Operations for INFINITUS. I’m the right hand man for Scott to filter out all his ideas, pick the winners, and turn them into profitable products and promotions. I deal with our back end systems and make sure things run smoothly.
I’m a recovering political operative turned marketing dude. During my years on the battlefields of political warfare, I learned a heckuva lot about sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Now, I head up marketing and copywriting here @ INFINITUS. That means I manage all our marketing activities, as well as make write most of our funnel copy. If you read an email from Scott, there’s a good chance I wrote it 😉 I hang out in California, where the West Coast is the Best Coast. But not, “dude, surf’s up, brah!” California. I’m more in, “Jebediah, there’s gold in them there hills!” California. Important distinction, people.
Shane Mills
I’m the weird art kid that every good team has. I don’t sleep much, but I make great things. I’m the Creative Lead here at INFINITUS. I use over a decade of design and marketing experience to keep our visuals and brand on point. Other than that I really dig Batman, and keeping body copy to a minimum –including this bio.
Amanda Krutsick
I do community and customer support here @ INFINITUS. My goal here is to create an amazing customer experience for you so you can get the most out of what we have to offer. I dwell within the heart of the beautiful city of Indianapolis, Indiana. I’m a self-professed Yoga lover, guitar player and I run a lifestyle blog and YouTube channel. I also have one dog, and she’s perfect.
Avery Ford
I’m the Head of Entrepreneur Experience for the Relevancy Engine, our flagship program here at INFINITUS. It’s my job to make sure that you have an amazing experience inside the program and to give you the support you need to succeed. I want YOU to be our next big success story.
Brad Newman is the head of Entrepreneur Success for The Relevancy Engine. He specializes in our company’s enrollment process and prides himself in being energetic and faithful in every connection.  His unique history with addiction, recovery, and helping hundreds of others make transformational decisions has given him a unique perspective for helping entrepreneurs become their own change agents. He has over 8 years experience in being an intrapreneur within Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, start-ups, and small-companies. He’s got a keen eye for connecting resources, opportunities, people, and systems to give you exactly what you need at the exact moment you need it.
Matthew Turner
I am Matthew Turner, the content guy around these parts. This basically means I plan, develop, create, and on occasion promote the content we produce on a daily and weekly basis (videos, articles, that kind of thing). I’m English, so sound different to everyone else on the team (they all sound funny, I sound amazing). This also mans I live in a wet and cold country, so make up for it by staying indoors and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Beyond this, I author books and strive to change the world through words and sentences (and on a good day, paragraphs).
Frank Cimrhanzel
Frank Eric Cimrhanzel is a senior Relevancy Engine coach here @ INFINITUS. A resulted-oriented business adviser and high-ticket sales instructor, Frank started his training career in 2004 as a fitness professional, after growing up as a martial arts competitor, chess expert, Eagle Scout, and CrossFit instructor to U.S. Armed Forces officer candidates at Texas A&M University. With that background, Frank has dedicated his life since 2012 to mastering five-figure sales through direct response marketing in five completely different niche markets–automobiles, construction, consulting, finance, and coaching–and has created over $12,000,000 in business using the strategies and tactics he teaches. Now in his spare time, you’ll find him in sunny southern California traveling to his next adventure, lifting iron, sparring with fellow grapplers, surfing in the ocean or diving deep underneath it, and appreciating everything that is.
Zion Kim
Zion is one of our senior Relevancy Engine coaches. He was kicked out of business school his freshman year, and has since started six, 6 and 7 figure companies, two of them while still an undergrad at Rutgers. At 26, he is the founder of 99 Robots where he consults with industry leading organizations and Fortune 50 companies on their digital customer acquisition strategies. His software products support over 300,000 websites and content creators. Zion was also responsible for bringing together thousands of entrepreneurs through NJ’s largest startup groups & conferences. He has been profiled by Forbes, NJ Biz, and is the inaugural recipient of the Rutgers Student Entrepreneur Award. As the President of Maverick NEXT, his mission is to accelerate the growth of the next generation of impactful leaders. He currently works with a global network of game changing entrepreneurs tackling climate change. Zion’s passion is supporting young entrepreneurs discover their path.
Rob is creator & host of Fail On, a community, and podcast for entrepreneurs as well as a Senior Coach here at the Relevancy Engine. Over a decade ago, he set out to become an entrepreneur. His first business was a networking site to help introverts overcome their shyness and create deeper and more fulfilling personal relationships.

But, the road hasn’t been easy, and Rob has the unique ability to coach entrepreneurs through both failure and success. With 9 failed businesses under his belt, 14 failed employments, and living in over 16 cities, Rob has seen it all.  But he never gave up, and proved that failure is just an opportunity to learn.

Eventually, he stumbled into the world of online business. He discovered media buying and paid traffic strategies. He dove in and learned everything he could on how to master the art and science of paid traffic. Within 24 months, he had leveraged his abilities to create two high 7-figure businesses.

Now, Rob helps online coaches & consultants use paid traffic to create low stress, high-ticket online businesses.

Jonathan Heston is a senior coach here at the Relevancy Engine. For the past 5 years, he has focused on business and marketing consulting, helping entrepreneurs bring their business and marketing into alignment with their values.

Born from a deep passion for getting results, Jonathan started life coaching professionally 2 years ago. His speciality is a fusion of big picture strategy and tactical results-driven marketing with a tenacious protection and nurturing of individual core power. Through his unique blend of experience in both business and life coaching, Jonathan has successfully helped numerous entrepreneurs to 5 and 6 figure launches.

He’s a best selling author of “The Unlimited Self” and has been married to Chloe for 7 years and has a daughter, Shiloh, and a son, Gideon.

Adam Erhart is a senior coach here at the Relevancy Engine. He specializes in creating high converting digital marketing and advertising campaigns and is recommended and referred to by some of the top names in the industry. As a marketing expert, Adam has become the official referral partner of Nicholas Kusmich, who is internationally renowned for his Facebook advertising expertise. Adam is who he trusts to implement effective and profitable advertising.

Adam is known for producing widely successful ad campaigns, including a campaign that had a 18,370% ROI.

His campaigns have generated millions of dollars for his clients, and he himself has grown multiple businesses to multi-6 figures.


Rachel is an author, speaker, and a senior coach with the Relevancy Engine.

She helps remarkable individuals just like you get clear, confident and taking consistent action, so you can do that big thing you were born to do. Rachel has helped thousands of people around the world through her book, speaking tours, workshops and digital courses.

She’s been invited to speak all around the globe from Good Morning America’s Tory Johnson Spark & Hustle tour and Princeton University to as far away as Germany and Japan!  She’s also been featured in Latina Magazine, Success Magazine and is a Huffington Post contributor.

Rachel has served in the Marine Corps, worked in the boardrooms of companies like Goldman Sachs, and cared for wounded warriors in Germany.  

It was this experience- seeing soldiers’ positive determination to rebuild their lives forever that changed her forever and inspired her to become a coach—Her motto:  life’s too short to continue living other people’s dreams.

Rachel lives in Florida with her daughters Isabella and Valentina.

Robert Coorey, MBA, is a #1 Best-Selling author, Sales and Marketing Specialist. The Huffington Post called Rob “one of the most influential online marketers across the globe“.

Rob was recently listed by Startup Australia as one of Australia’s Top 50 Entrepreneurs. He’s built a super-responsive global online community of serious business owners, almost broke the world record for most number of people in a webinar, filled up dozens of live events, been featured extensively in the media and launched best-selling books.

Fun Fact: Once Rob sold 800 dog baths in twenty-four hours using email marketing (that was so much fun).

Rob was the co-founder of Punnky’s World High-Five day. With no marketing budget, he organized for thousands of people across four continents to give one another high fives, and the Facebook following quickly grew to over 130,000 fans.