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12-Step “Relevancy” Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing is the most misunderstood, under-utilized and “botched” part of online marketing.

I remember the first time that I sent a mass-email, it was to ALMOST 90 people. I was expecting a flood of replies. Well, you can guess what happened. (Hint: no one responded).

Email marketing is powerful. It allows us to build a relationship with complete strangers in a 1 to many way, yet it allows for that person to have an inside look at our life, business, or brand.

So, why do so many entrepreneurs mess up email marketing?

The easy answer is that they don’t know how to build a relationship. A better answer? They aren’t emailing that person based on where the lead is from a mindset perspective.

Ever get on an email list and what you start receiving isn’t relevant?

Perhaps they are trying to sell to you, or perhaps they AREN’T trying to sell to you and you want to buy.

Yeah, that’s why the majority of email marketing misses the mark and doesn’t generate any revenue.

Let me be clear – 100% of our business is generated by email marketing.

If we couldn’t use email marketing, we’d go bankrupt very quickly. While many “business experts” say that email marketing is dead, I can assure you it isn’t… if you use it correctly.

So, let me show how to turn a stranger into a potential lead.

The purpose of this isn’t to show you how to turn a stranger into a customer, that’s more advanced. However, I do want to show you how to turn someone from a stranger to a potential lead which you can then turn into a customer.

First, I need you to realize that there are different types of emails and that not all emails are created equal. However, when we connect these emails together, they can work together to create intimacy, trust, and a relationship in a completely automatic way.

Here are the different emails that we would typically use on a day-to-day basis in our email marketing and automations.

Value – Blogs, articles, content, etc.

Authority – Showing what you know or exhibiting social proof.

Relationship Building – Asking questions or engaging with our audience.

Opportunity – The ability to upgrade a “lane” and get closer to becoming a customer.

Sell – Directly promotional / sales-oriented.

Show-And-Tell – Case studies, testimonials, showing the “outcome.”

When someone is a stranger, we have to be careful how we “warm” them up.

Before we get into the 12 emails that I recommend, I wanted to set some ground rules for these new leads that you’re going to use this campaign with:

  • During this time, they CANNOT receive any other promotional emails or your daily or weekly emails.
  • You cannot “sell” to them in this stage – if you do, you’ll likely lose relevancy.
  • When developing your content, ensure you’re thinking from a perspective of: what would I do if this was “real-life” and you were talking to people on a daily basis, in real-life, compared to online?
  • When it comes to frequency, the longer you email, the more space you want to put in between. Below, I’ve given a recommendation of email frequency; simply adjust it for your own industry.

Okay – here’s the sequence:

Email #1 – Value (immediately after sign-up)

This is the value that you promised, such as a PDF download or some other lead magnet.

Email #2 – Relationship Building (4 hours later)

Ask your audience a question. For us, we ask where they are in their online marketing. Typically, we see response rates of about 50% – this also allows you to start a conversation.

Email #3 – Authority

By following up with some type of authority, such as a 3rd party article about you or your thoughts on an “outside” article, you show your expertise and establish yourself as an authority in the marketplace.

Email #4 – Opportunity

This email is where you offer the next “level.” If you’re using our SSF Method, then it would be the “Slow Lane.” However, you’re just trying to bring that person to the next step in your funnel and marketing experience.

Email #5 – Value (2nd)

This can be as simple as a blog post or as complex as a video. Simply put, you want to add on “top” of the value that they’ve received at this point.

Email #6 – Opportunity (2nd)

This email is where you once again offer the next “level.” If you’re using our SSF Method, then it would be the “Slow Lane.” Again, you’re just trying to bring that person to the next step in the funnel.

Email #7 – Relationship Building

Another relationship building email where you ask a deeper question, typically prefaced with a personal story.

Email #8 – Opportunity (3rd)

Yet another email where you offer the next “level.”

Email #9 – Value (3rd)

We throw in a third value email to continue building the relationship. We want to demonstrate that we our content is useful for the lead.

Email #10 – Relationship Building + Value

This content is designed to show the recipient’s pain as being relevant and asking that person what they think of the situation.

Email #11 – Opportunity (4th and final)

The very last time you’ll offer the opportunity in this specific email stream.

Email #12 – Transition to Other Email Stream

In this email, you want to let them know what is going to happen next and what they should expect in their email inbox.

What’s the intention?

At the end of this email stream the intention is for that person to feel a connected to you and your brand. You want them to understand what you’re all about and, ideally, to have transitioned to the next step in your funnel.

What happens next?

If they took advantage of an “opportunity” in any of the emails, they would be unsubscribed from this email stream and subscribed to your Slow Lane or Fast Lane email automation. However, a percentage will stay in this stream. For them, you have two options:

1). Transition them to your weekly email by using the 12th email to let them know what you’re going to be delivering to their inbox.

2). Develop an automated stream of emails that are automatically sent over the next series of months that allows them to further understand your business, your concepts, and your methodologies.

You have an amazing opportunity.

That opportunity is to develop relationships in a way that’s 1-to-many and completely automatic. By using this concept and framework, you’re quickly able to build a relationship and deliver value, while seeing who is ready to move into the next step.



Oldford |

Founder and CEO Infinitus

Scott Oldford has been an entrepreneur since his early teens, having built multiple million dollar businesses. In 2013, after a failed business left him $726,000 in debt, he decided to go all in on building an online course for entrepreneurs. Since then, he's paid off his debt and generated millions in revenue.

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