How to Use The Facebook Audience Network in your Marketing

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How to Use The Facebook Audience Network


Recently I had a conversation with a Facebook marketing expert in which we discussed the “Facebook Audience Network.” If you’re now scratching your head asking, “the Facebook what network?” then you’re in good company. While I had been aware of it since its launch, many people have never used this rather well hidden feature within the Facebook platform. In fact, the expert I was speaking to suggested that it wasn’t any good because no one uses it.

Whenever I hear things like that my curiosity is automatically piqued. Are people not using it because it’s no good, or is it no good because people aren’t using it? I dug further into the subject and the results were quite surprising. But first, a little primer on Facebook advertising in general.

Standard Facebook ads are pretty simple to understand. They allow marketers to create ads for audiences across the Facebook platform. These ads can be targeted and retargeted to specific audiences, insights can be gained through a robust analytics system.

A typical Facebook ad might look something like this:


The Facebook Audience Network takes things a step further. Audience Network lets marketers extend their ad campaigns beyond Facebook to reach audiences on mobile apps, mobile websites, Instant Articles, and videos, it essentially allows you to embed your content with other content across the web.

An Audience Network ad looks something like this:

Ads_Manager_🔊 2

The platform offers you the same analytical and tracking features you’d find on standard Facebook ads, only now the ads are being seen outside Facebook itself.

Audience Network ads come in the standard display format, and native advertising format. Native advertising is a method of embedding your content into other content. Advertorials are great examples of this.

If you ask the majority of experts about Audience Network, they’ll shrug their shoulders and say it simply doesn’t work – and in that they’re partially correct – if you’re using it incorrectly.

The real power of the Audience Network is in getting your relevant content (articles, videos, etc.) consumed. When people visit popular sites such as, or use app on their mobile device, they’re in full “content – consumption” mode. This means that they want to find and consume content relevant to the site or app they’re visiting. Due to this, attempting to generate leads from the Audience Network is like pulling teeth from a chimpanzee. (don’t try it!)

At least, it is under normal circumstances. However, there is a way to collect leads through the Audience Network by making use of our Relevancy Hacking Technique.

The Audience network is also a powerful traffic building tool, and can offer $0.05-$0.15 clicks, providing you with a relatively low cost method for driving huge amounts of traffic directly to your website, if you do the math, you quickly realize that it makes sense to make this part of your advertising strategy and is a huge part of our Advertising Pyramid.

It’s easy, when working with online marketing, to fall into the trap of believing that if something doesn’t generate leads by default, it must be useless. The Facebook Audience Network provides the other vital pieces of any online marketing strategy – effective traffic generation and lead pre-qualification, all at a relatively low cost. As well, it does all this on possible the single largest growing sector of all – mobile, with desktop coming shortly into the future.



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Founder and CEO Infinitus

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