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We’re Hiring – Customer Support

Scott Oldford here and I may have an opportunity of a lifetime for you.

I’m looking for someone to join our team and help us with our customer support.

Let me ask you…

  • Do you enjoy finding ways to “wow” customers?
  • Are you excited about delivering the best possible customer experience?
  • Are you detail oriented?

For some, this job won’t be possible for you.

For some, this job would require far too much.

For others, this is a dream.

We are looking for someone to work with me and my team to manage our customer support communications.

This type of position is for someone who wants to work in a company with an extremely fast paced environment and fun culture that is disrupting both online marketing and eLearning. This is a dream for the right person, but it’s still demanding.

See, your job is the first point of contact for customers. In some ways, you will become the “face” of INFINITUS (besides me, of course).

You’ll be doing things like:

  • Resolving issues in our support inbox
  • Ensuring customers have access to the Facebook group and get their questions answered
  • Managing the live chat on our webinars and answering sales related questions

Your job is to ensure that we deliver a stellar customer experience and that nothing falls through the cracks.

We aren’t in business to compete.

We are in business to dominate and impact.

If you are looking for a “job” or a “9 to 5”.

This isn’t it.

I’m demanding.

I expect the best and I don’t stop until I get it.

You’ll be part of a real team…

You’ll be responsible for driving the generation of tens of thousands of leads.

You’ll be responsible for driving millions of views of our content.

In order to be a really good fit…

  • You can be located anywhere in North America
  • You are a contractor, however, you are looking for something to fill a large portion of your time… if not all of it.
  • You are a self-learner and want to be as effective as possible, you don’t need to be micro-managed,  and you work well with a team and hit timelines 99.9% of the time.
  • You have a higher standard for yourself than anyone else has.

Does that sound like you?

That’s awesome…
Well, submit the following application.



Oldford |

Founder and CEO Infinitus

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Scott Oldford has been an entrepreneur since his early teens, having built multiple million dollar businesses. In 2013, after a failed business left him $726,000 in debt, he decided to go all in on building an online course for entrepreneurs. Since then, he's paid off his debt and generated millions in revenue.

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