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[Podcast] Leads aren’t all cut from the same cloth…


Let’s go back in time…

To the first book that changed your life. 

Perhaps it was Harry Potter (never did get into that one), or perhaps it was a book that changed your outlook on life. Perhaps there was simply a phrase in a book at the right time that changed everything.

There are two books that changed my life forever. The first The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth by Chris Brogan (go buy it if you haven’t) and more importantly…

Duct Tape Marketing by none other than Marketing Master John Jantsch.

It was 2007 and this was actually one of the first marketing books I ever read.

See, while I was in this internet marketing world, I mostly learned from my experiences, not from other’s experiences.

Looking back, I should have done more of that. A little while ago I was introduced to John by a mutual friend. I kinda got star struck. I put John up there with the greats when it comes to marketing.

A couple of weeks ago he reached out to me after hearing about the INFINITUS SSF Method. He wanted to share it with his HUGE audience of podcast listeners (seriously, his podcast rocks!).

Anyway, I’m sharing this with you because not only is it one of the best explanations of the SSF method and how you can implement it in your business there is, but chances are, if you don’t know John, he’ll be able to REALLY help you in the marketing part of your business.

So, outside of being a bit giddy right now, I’m excited for you, because you can finally understand, in the EASIEST way possible, why all leads aren’t cut from the same cloth and what to do about it.

Enjoy the podcast!




Oldford |

Founder and CEO Infinitus

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Scott Oldford has been an entrepreneur since his early teens, having built multiple million dollar businesses. In 2013, after a failed business left him $726,000 in debt, he decided to go all in on building an online course for entrepreneurs. Since then, he's paid off his debt and generated millions in revenue.

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