Increase Brand Awareness in 2018 By Becoming Omnipresent & Relevant

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Increase brand awareness in 2018, not by doing what you always have done (and what everyone else does), but instead by embracing this forgotten technique that giants like Coca Cola have used for generations. If you want to build brand awareness in 2018, this is the approach you need. And in this video, Scott Oldford lays out how to build brand awareness in a way that will keep you top of mind (and turn you into the “go to” expert in your industry practically overnight). If you want to increase brand awareness in 2018, be sure to watch this video now.

How To Go From The Best Kept Secret To The Biggest Name in Your Industry

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Scott Oldford

Scott Oldford


From 2013 to 2017, I crawled my way out of roughly $726,000 in debt to building a million dollar business with my lead generation training company, LeadCraft. But then, in September 2017, I blew it up because I realized I wasn’t truly serving the needs of my audience. For many people, that may have signaled the end of their entrepreneurial passions. But for me, I wanted to create an impact that mattered. I realized that my previous business had only solved half of the puzzle for entrepreneurs: I taught lead generation but not how to create unbreakable bonds with your audience through the power of simply showing up on their newsfeed and inbox all the time. Now, I’ve formulated my success into the strategy of Relevancy+Omnipresence. Now, I teach entrepreneurs how to become the most relevant name in their niche, to go from the best kept secret to the biggest name in the eyes of their audience.